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10 September 2004:
Danny says: "Tomorrow, along with Tino, Chris and Andy, I become a Viking! We are taking part in a 22 mile charity boat race on the River Thames. We are part of a 14 man crew rowing a two and half ton! replica Viking longboat on behalf of the charity Task brazil- which works to improve the lives and support the needs of children and pregnant girls living on the streets of Brazil. The charity's main benefactor is Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin! And in his honour we have named the crew "Hammer Of The Gods" This is our third year to take part and last year we completed the course in 4 hours, 12 minutes and 20 seconds!"
12 September 2004:
Danny continues: "The Thames was very hard work but we completed the course in 4hrs 23mins 29seconds. It took a little longer than last year but we did have the wind against us for part of the race."

The charity:

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